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Ahirini Deb

Ahirini Deb

Marketing Coordinator/Assistant Engineer

Simco Engineering, P.C.

Jamaica, NY 11435

Thinker and Maker. Dreamer and Doer. I am a fast learner with an insatiable curiosity. A diverse education and work experience background helps me thrive anywhere, and give every endeavor my best shot.




"Whatever you are, be a good one."

SIMCO Engineering, P.C., New York City

Marketing Coordinator/ Assistant Engineer

Working in the marketing department has been a completely new experience for me. While there is not much room for creativity in marketing a civil engineering firm's profile to goverment agencies, still, knowing your client and what exactly are they looking for helps a great deal. My typical day consists of looking for new opportunities in NYC and Tri-state area and trying to determine how we best fit the role, selecting our biggest relevant projects and best people and putting everything together before the deadline.



"If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it."

I have always been a creative person. Everybody who knows me always told me that I should sell the things I made. I always wanted to have a business of my own - a way for me to create and express myself, and also be able to touch people's lives. After years of wishing that I would have a solution, I decided to "stop wearing my wishbone where my backbone ought to be" and Creaticity was born. It's still in it's very rudimentary stage, but I am glad that I took the leap of faith - because nothing can rival the feeling when you sell your first creation.

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AllState Insurance Company

Agency Office Administrator

I worked at the Allstate agency office for a brief period of time, but it taught me a new side of customer service and relations. My responsibilities included taking care of everything related to an insurance policy, just short of selling it. In just 2 months I had learned a lot under a really capable supervisor. When it was time for my next adventure, I left on great terms and a promise of an employment anytime, should I need it.


Stantec Consulting Services Inc.

Marketing Specialist

AT&T Billing -Amdocs DVCI, India

Senior Subject Matter Expert (TIS)

I took on a more senior role in the team with my position at AT&T - overseeing a team of 3-5 people and coordinating between clients, developers and testing teams on a daily basis. During this period of my career, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone for the sake of the project and worked on later shifts to assist our North American clients. Aside from being in a leadership position, I continued to work on small scale technical projects so that I would not lose touch with the pulse of the industry.

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American Express - Infosys Technologies Ltd., India

Senior Test Engineer

I worked as an Application Support Engineer for American Express, delving deep into sensitive customer data and credit information. This project introduced me to the world of customer service - which meant I could no longer be just the geeky engineer hiding behind my code. It helped me understand people's needs, translate them to coding language and make their lives easier. I learned to listen more, and be more patient, and how to fix things - even if it was broken code.
That was a fresh change from just testing and finding out flaws in softwares. This period of my career helped me realize how my loved and missed building things, which later on would translate into my experiments with Web Development.


Aetna - Infosys Technologies Ltd., India

Test Engineer

My first job, fresh out of college, was to test softwares and services for Aetna Informatics. I learned all about American Health Insurance (AHIP certified), and testing methodologies (ISTQB certified), different testing softwares and SQL. Dealing with a large amount of data and trying to find the corelation between them (data mining and SAS) remains one of the most exciting things I have done to this date, and have become one of my strongest selling point. Even in non-work related scenarios, I do extremely well when I have a sizeable amount of data available and have to make a decision based on that.

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West Bengal University of Technology

B.Tech, Biotechnology

After scoring 88% in my high school graduation exam, I had wanted to pursue Chemistry as my field of education. But better senses prevailed, and I joined the engneering program for Biotechnology. This field marries the logical approach of Maths, the excitement of Chemistry to the magical wonder of Biology and was perfect for my naturally inquisitive mind. Even though during my junior year I realized that a life-long career in R&D was not my true calling (although my head of the department certainly begged to differ!), I graduated with a high DGPA of 8.59 and fourth in the class, and still enjoy reading and explaining articles on Genetics and Molecular Biology during my spare time.

Creaticity Shop - my side hustle

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Thinking Talents

Levo's Thinking Talents App

I have a certain weakness for quizzes and test (#nerdalert). So much so, I actually borrowed a friend's iPhone, downloaded the app and took the quiz. All because I have an Android and this app does not come in Web version either.