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Melanie Rosario

Melanie Rosario

Bakery Associate




McCaskey East high school

High School Diploma , Early Childhood Education


Bakery Associate

* Combine measured ingredients in bowls of mixing, blending, or cooking machinery.
* Set oven temperatures and place items into hot ovens for baking.
* Observe color of products being baked and adjust oven temperatures, humidity, or conveyor speeds accordingly.
* Roll, knead, cut, or shape dough to form sweet rolls, pie crusts, tarts, cookies, or other products.
* Place dough in pans, molds, or on sheets and bake in production ovens or on grills.
* Check equipment to ensure that it meets health and safety regulations and perform maintenance or cleaning, as necessary.
* Apply glazes, icings, or other toppings to baked goods, using spatulas or brushes.
* Decorate baked goods, such as cakes or pastries.
* Operate slicing or wrapping machines.
* Clean and sanitize work areas, equipment, utensils, dishes, or silverware.
* Store food in designated containers and storage areas to prevent spoilage.
* Wash, peel, and cut various foods, such as fruits to prepare for cooking/packaging.
* Load dishes, glasses, and tableware into dishwashing machines.
* Remove trash and clean kitchen garbage containers.



* Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits.
* Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers.
* Assist customers by providing information and resolving their complaints.
* Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change.
* Establish or identify prices of goods, services or admission, and tabulate bills using calculators, cash registers, or optical price scanners.
* Greet customers entering establishments.
* Answer customers' questions, and provide information on procedures or policies.
* Process merchandise returns and exchanges.
* Assist with duties in other areas of the store, such as monitoring fitting rooms or bagging and carrying out customers' items.
* Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas and complete other general cleaning duties, such as mopping floors and emptying trash cans.
* Compute and record totals of transactions.
* Issue trading stamps, and redeem food stamps and coupons.
* Cash checks for customers.
* Pay company bills by cash, vouchers, or checks.


Sales Specialist

* Explain products or services and prices, and answer questions from customers.
* Obtain customer information such as name, address, and payment method, and enter orders into computers.
* Answer customers' questions about merchandise and advise customers on merchandise selection.
* Itemize and total customer merchandise selection at checkout counter, using cash register, and accept cash or charge card for purchases.
* Take inventory or examine merchandise to identify items to be reordered or replenished.
* Pack customer purchases in bags or cartons.
* Stock shelves, racks, cases, bins, and tables with new or transferred merchandise.
* Receive, open, unpack and issue sales floor merchandise.
* Clean display cases, shelves, and aisles.
* Design and set up advertising signs and displays of merchandise on shelves, counters, or tables to attract customers and promote sales.

Willow Valley Retirement Home

Buffet Server

* Clean or sterilize dishes, kitchen utensils, equipment, or facilities.
* Examine trays to ensure that they contain required items.
* Place food servings on plates or trays according to orders or instructions.
* Stock service stations with items such as ice, napkins, or straws.
* Remove trays and stack dishes for return to kitchen after meals are finished.
* Carry food, silverware, or linen on trays or use carts to carry trays.
* Determine where patients or patrons would like to eat their meals and help them get situated.
* Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and take action to correct any problems.
* Write guest drink orders on order slips, memorize orders.
* Inform customers of daily specials.
* Roll silverware, set up food stations or set up dining areas to prepare for the next shift or for large parties.
* Prepare hot and cold drinks for guest.
* Stock service areas with supplies such as coffee, food, tableware, and linens.
* Remove dishes and glasses from tables or counters, take them to kitchen for cleaning.
* Perform cleaning duties, such as sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpet, tidying up server station, taking out trash, or checking and cleaning bathroom.