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Shirah Metzigian
Shirah Marie Metzigian
Location pin Princeton, NJ Other
Center Administrator at Center of Theological Inquiry




Center Administrator at Center of Theological Inquiry

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Shirah Metzigian


Amanda Pouchot:


Hi Amanda, what do you advise for an administrative professional seeking a different career path? Do you think graduate school is necessary?


Hi Shira! Depending on what you are interested in doing in your future grad school might be useful and even necessary, ...

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“The world belongs to the energetic.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


fashion, style, PR, sustainability, innovation

Dream Job

Advertising or marketing in a retail world.

Work Experience

Center Administrator, Center of Theological Inquiry
July 2011 – Present

Administration -Directly report and advise the Director on all business and program matters pertaining to the Center -Responsible for accounts receivable and payable -Manage all aspects of HR, as well as line manage junior staff -Report on monthly and quarterly financials for the Center, and successfully create annual budgets for each fiscal year -Assist in the annual audit process, and report to the auditor on all financials -Administer the bi-annual Board Meetings -Meticulously maintain the CTI development database, as well as oversee and facilitate Annual Fund -Responsible for accurate records and organizational filing systems -Responsible for the organization and logistical aspects of scheduling events, and programs held at the Center -Successfully maintain and operate the CTI website, as well as social media presence Facilities -Successfully manage and maintain three separate properties, including 12 residential townhouses in Princeton -Responsible for proposing capital improvements, as well as preparing budgets for said projects -Professionally liaise with all vendors and maintain strong business relationships -Schedule and oversee all projects at the Center during both the academic year and summer Program -Prepare and organize all Member resources for each academic year -Assist Members and their families in logistical aspects of residing in Princeton for the academic year -Liaise with Members during the academic year to support their academic endeavors -Administer J1 Visa Exchange Program for international scholars -Manage and facilitate the online application for future scholars in upcoming projects -Responsible for organization, coordination, and advertisement of all public lectures -Successfully liaise with partnering institutions to schedule seminars and symposia -Responsible for reporting to external grantor institutions on funding and progress reports

Assistant Manager, Rouge
August 2010 – July 2011

• Successfully assisting clientele in merchandise • Manage vendor relations to stay current on incoming orders and shipments • Place special orders by liaising with customer and product supplier • Assist Store Manager with merchandising and highlighting new products • Managed social media, advertising copy, marketing materials and special events promotional materials • Coordinated all aspects of special in-store events by producing relevant media, notifying customers through social media, and prepping the store for after-hours shopping

key leader, lululemon athletica
August 2010 – April 2011

● Facilitate the successful opening, closing and day to day operations of store by managing educators ● Run and manage in-store events through successful marketing and grassroots advertising techniques ● Responsible for promoting the lululemon brand and mantra of maintaining a personal culture of integrity ● Promote health, wellness and personal success in the Princeton community ● Identify needs of guests, educate them on products available, allowing them to in turn make educated decisions

Owner, ShirahLax
January 2007 – December 2010

• Private lacrosse instruction for individuals seeking to excel their game • Over 6 years of lacrosse experience, both as a player and coach • Experienced and talented Division I lacrosse player for Rutgers University • Certified Level 1 and SAFETY Certified coach • Experienced in the process of recruitment and self development • Work with children of all ages to target weaknesses in their game, and work with their strengths to overcome those difficulties • Ability to watch as well as interact with the player to gauge areas of improvement • Develop different strategies for each individual player depending on their comfort zones and rate of growth and development • Strategize with multiple players to work together on game strategy and team concepts

Coach, Advisory Board Member, Princeton Girls Lacrosse
March 2007 – October 2010

• Responsible for organizing and running practices each week • Create compelling and fun practice plans • Work in small groups within practices to help hone specific skill sets applicable during game play • Encourage teamwork and respectful relationships between players by fostering a sense of camaraderie and pride of program • Develop year long plans for program with Director and help balance workouts throughout the year to ensure growth and healthy development of each player • Provide individual progress reports to each player and offer one-on-one instruction after practice • Liaise with parents to ensure a “monitor” attends each practice for health and safety support

Medical Education, Program Coordinator, DesignWrite, LLC
June 2009 – August 2010

• Facilitate medical education programs for Amgen Pharmaceuticals, by booking travel for speakers, reserving venues, and arranging other necessary items for a successful event • Mastery of phone etiquette, and communication with representatives to ensure correct program logistics • Excellent skill using Microsoft Outlook and Excel to effectively plan meetings in an organized fashion • Day to day organizational skills to ensure attention to detail and excellent program feedback

Head Coach, Tri-State Lacrosse
March 2006 – August 2010

• Work to develop weekly practice plans and attend pre-practice meetings with entire coaching staff • Attend weekly tournaments with team and ensure safety and well being of players • Develop plays, stratagem, while keeping each players individual strengths in mind to help create the strongest roster possible • Encourage healthy physical fitness practices, and eating habits for developing young women • Promote the Tri-State Lacrosse brand through education on different programs throughout the year, as well as personal development through training and lacrosse certifications

Clientele Specialist, J.Crew
October 2005 – March 2007

• Responsible for encouraging and successfully obtaining retail sales, educating on current promotions and garnering new clients • Managed inventory, placement and face of new product • Responsible for customer service and problem solving by finding desired products if not available in retail store • Worked with management to develop an employment schedule around Division I lacrosse obligations at Rutgers University

Underwriting Assistant, Ambridge Partners, LLC
July 2004 – January 2006

• Enabled underwriters to meet weekly deadlines by carrying out assigned tasks in a timely manner • Assisted with organization of all files to enable easy access to open clients • Managed research operations for open cases to ensure accurate information was on file for client profiles • Responsible for neat and organized office space, ensuring high productivity for underwriting staff


Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Rutgers College, 2009 B.A, Communications
The Peddie School, High School Diploma, Math, Science, English, Humanities

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