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Holly Tobin
Holly Katherine Tobin
Location pin Kansas City, MO United States
Delivery Consultant: Surgery and Anesthesia at Cerner Corporation




I work in the exciting field of healthcare IT, taking hospitals from inefficient paper or computer documentation, to quality documentation with a streamlined design. I spend most of my time flying around the country, and now, Mexico, to make hospital care safer and more patient-centric.

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My passions are as varied as they are strong, ranging from environmental preservation to surfing through buzzing news feeds. I do it all while enjoying coffee in the morning, a fabulous Malbec at night, and if I am good and fit in my workout, a little Ben & Jerry's PhishFood.

Dream Job

Working for discovery channel or a major news outlet as a science and health analyst, bringing my love of science and communication together in the perfect marriage.

Work Experience

Delivery Consultant: Surgery and Anesthesia, Cerner Corporation
February 2012 – Present

Responsible for the build and successful implementation of the surgery solution, which takes surgical services from documenting on paper to safe, efficient, and reliable electronic documentation. * Developed and maintained a thriving international relationship with a client in Mexico. * Translated several key documents. * Conducted calls in Spanish and English * Presented in Spanish on client site * Worked with translators when need to be to communicate more effectively * Worked on designing a system to fit an foreign health organization. *Consult with hospital management and decision makers on how to best customize the software to fit their needs. *Build a program that meets the unique workflow of each hospital, while conforming to state and federal guidelines. *Successfully implement the software and seamlessly convert hospitals to a new system of documentation.

Public Relations Account Coordinator, Woodruff Sweitzer
June 2011 – January 2012

I worked with the public relations team in the endeavor to conduct the best business for all clients. * Created and edited media distribution list research * Conducted extensive media outlet and industry research * Routinely edited both my work, and the work of my peers * Developed fact sheets to be distributed with press releases and media kits.

Sustainability Communications Intern, Becker Underwood
May 2011 – June 2011

Through continuous research into the ever-developing world of sustainability, I was able to stay on top of current trends and construct useful materials that were relevant in the current atmosphere. * Constructed several press releases about our sustainability initiative and successful projects. * Deciphered and researched life cycle assessment data for our products. * Communicated efficient messages about the sustainability program and how to get involved both internally and externally.

Teaching Assistant-Bulla, Iowa State University
August 2010 – May 2011

Intern, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica
May 2009 – December 2009

Chapter President- Alpha Delta Pi, Iowa State University Greek System
January 2009 – December 2009

News Editor and Reporter, Iowa State Daily
January 2009 – August 2009

Research Assistantship, Pioneer Hi-bred International
May 2008 – August 2008


University College Cork, NA, Language, Healthcare, Microbiology
Iowa State University, Bachelor of Science, Journalism & Microbiology

Clubs and Societies: - Alpha Delta Pi - Philanthropy Chair (Fall 2010) - President (Jan-Dec 2009) - Membership Education Coordinator (Jan-Dec 2008) - Student Environmental Council * Helped resurrect this organization on our campus and brought it back to a thriving club with active and enthusiatic membership. - Vice President (Spring 2008) - President ( Jan - Dec 2009) - Treasurer ( Fall 2010) - American Society of Microbiologists - Microbiology club - Society for Professional Journalists - Iowa State Daily - Assistant News Editor - Science and Health beat reporter - First Amendment day chair

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