Office Hours with Marcy Twete

CEO & Founder, Career Girl Network

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Marcy twete
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What is a suitable email subject line to use when cold emailing?
Asked by Tola Shasanya
Live user question: What's the ideal length for a cold email?
What are some tips for building confidence before cold calling?
Asked by Carly Heitlinger
What's a quick, non-boastful way to establish credibility when cold e-mailing to make a connection or asking for an informational call/meeting?
Asked by Maghan McDowell
What's your prep process before a cold call?
Asked by Jennifer Yassen
In the same vein as cold calling, what is the best way to make yourself heard during a meeting where you are the most junior person at the table?
Asked by Nicholas Flanders
What is your best tip for young public speakers new to the craft, but very comfortable with it?
Asked by Maxie McCoy
They say don't judge a book by its cover but we all do to each other. What first impression should we strive to leave in the business world?
Asked by Anonymous

About Marcy Twete, CEO & Founder, Career Girl Network

Don't Get Frozen Out! The Art of Cold Calling

Marcy Twete is the Founder and CEO of Career Girl Network, whose mission is to provide for women clear paths to career success and a large network of women to nurture, mentor, and support their goals. Marcy is an experienced fundraising and marketing professional with experience working for multiple nonprofit organizations in the areas of corporate and individual giving, social media, direct marketing, and public relations. As a marketing and fundraising professional, Marcy has honed her skills in writing and public speaking, and is passionate about providing services to corporations and individuals who want to fulfill their potential. Marcy is a graduate of the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, Minnesota, and a native of rural North Dakota. She now makes her home in the Chicago Loop with her husband Charlie.

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