Office Hours with Kathleen Warner

COO, Startup America Partnership

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Kathleen warner
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What advice would you give your 21 year old self?
Asked by Rachel Rosen
How have you applied your legal background in each job?
Asked by lizzy palmquist
You said you're good at networking. How do you push yourself to when you are shy or introverted?
Asked by Jenny Steward
What skills have been relevant across industries?
Asked by Rachel Rosen
Do you think being a woman has benefited you or influenced your decision making?
Asked by lizzy palmquist

About Kathleen Warner, COO, Startup America Partnership

Kathleen Warner serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Startup America Partnership and is responsible for business operations and management of resources.

Kathleen also coordinates a number of strategic activities and initiatives, including the Startup America Women initiative, all focused on heightening engagement with, awareness of and support for high growth startups.

Prior to joining the Startup America Partnership, Kathleen served as district director for a US Congressman where she oversaw multi-office district operations and helped develop and implement policy objectives, strategies and operating plans for the district.

Kathleen, an attorney, also spent over ten years in the private sector.

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