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How do you lock in a higher salary when other people are willing to accept less for the same role?
Asked by Jacqueline Wilde
What's your advice for starting negotiations for a raise once you're already an employee?
Asked by Sarah Turrin
What is the range of salary should a person look for or request as an entry level condidate?
Asked by Gerena Gregory
What should you do if the negotiation doesn't go as you would have hoped?
Asked by collegeprepster @Twitter
What should you do if the negotiation doesn't go as you would have hoped?
Asked by collegeprepster @Twitter

About Jim Hopkinson, Author, Salary Tutor

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Jim Hopkinson is an author, writer, speaker, and teacher living in New York City. His focus is on career development for the new economy, showing how new media, technology and branding are changing how people look at their career and lifestyle.

His book Salary Tutor has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, New York Post, and Forbes. He hosts a popular blog and podcast called "The Hopkinson Report" that teaches people how to pursue their ideal career and lifestyle. The show has been called "audible caffeine" for its high-energy approach.

Previously, Jim was a marketing director at Conde Nast Digital, managing the online marketing and social media strategy for He spent 8 years in digital production and mobile marketing at ESPN, and was also the third employee of a Boston-based multimedia startup which pioneered the use of MPEG video.

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