Office Hours with Jennifer Johnson

Founder, J. Johnson Executive Search

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Are companies moving from traditional in-person interviews to Skype/video interviews?
Asked by collegeprepster @Twitter
What is your best advice for if you get a question you aren't prepared for?
Asked by Amanda Pouchot
How do you balance more makeup and professionalism...which elements are most important
Asked by Maxie McCoy

About Jennifer Johnson, Founder, J. Johnson Executive Search

Jennifer Johnson knows how to help professionals find the best job for them and is an expert at helping talented people advance their careers. She is the founder of J. Johnson Executive Search, a recruiting firm designed to put the right people in the right place. She is an accomplished recruiter who truly understands every aspect of her industry and her clients appreciate her "insider knowledge" of their world. Before starting her own firm, Jennifer spent 12 years inside of and consulting for law firms and a technology start-up, and spent six years in attorney recruitment at a prominent law firm. Her hard-earned reputation in the legal industry has elevated her to the status of a "go-to" placement and career strategist.A featured speaker and published author on topics of professional and career development, Jennifer has also contributed her expertise through interviews with CBS's "MarketWatch," The American Lawyer, and Jennifer has recently been certified as a media expert by NewsCertified Exchange.Acing Your Video Interview

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