Office Hours with Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti

VP & Managing Director, Apollo Research Institute

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Tracey wilen daugenti
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There's been some press given to success stories who dropped out of college. What would you say to someone considering that path?
Asked by Jennifer Merritt
Where have you seen organizations best implement learnings from business academic research? Why is business academic research important?
Asked by Amanda Pouchot
You've written several books about women in business internationally (i.e. Doing Business with Japanese Men). What one lesson is most important for women when working abroad?
Asked by Carly Heitlinger
Live Question from Host: What would you say is a country that is really great for women to do business?
You interviewed several incredible women leaders for your upcoming book. What one common characteristic between many of them most surprised you?
Asked by Elana Gross

About Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, VP & Managing Director, Apollo Research Institute

Education pays off.

That is the mission and vision of Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti, one of the world’s leading authorities on the convergence of education, technology, and the workforce. She is Vice President and Managing Director of Apollo Research Institute. The Institute’s research demonstrates the value of education and provides recommendations to help leaders make the decisions that will ensure today’s workforce is employable tomorrow.

Tracey sees education, technology, and the workforce from multiple perspectives. As a visiting scholar at Stanford University’s Media X program, she knows what it takes to produce superior research and analysis. As a former Silicon Valley executive, she has seen the relevance of education in our global high-technology economy. Finally, her work at Apollo Research Institute opens up insights into making education more accessible, sustainable, and relevant to the workplace.

Her own education path includes a master’s degree and doctorate in business. She has held executive positions at Hewlett-Packard and Apple, and was the Higher Education Practice Lead for Cisco Systems’ strategy organization. For more than 15 years, she has taught business and women’s studies at colleges and universities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Through her numerous publications, presentations, and media appearances, Dr. Wilen-Daugenti has catalyzed new thinking among business leaders and academics in more than one hundred countries. After a 7-book series on women in global business, she published two additional books exploring the impact of technology on education and work. For her 10th book, Women Lead: Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders (January 2013), she served as general editor and principal researcher, examining women’s contributions to the workplace and the economy.  These future-forward but pragmatic books have profound implications for employers seeking new talent, employees who want to stay relevant, and educators who desire to prepare the next-generation workforce.

Dr. Wilen-Daugenti is a source of first choice on national and international radio and television programs, including CNN, FOX TV, KQED, CNBC, and ABC. She is quoted frequently in the mass media and outlets like The Wall Street JournalChicago TribuneForbes, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Wired magazine, and the San Jose Mercury News. She was named San Francisco Woman of the Year in 2002, and was honored by the San Francisco Business Times as a 2012 Most Influential Woman in Bay Area Business for her outreach and research on women, education, technology, and the workforce.

 “Education pays off,” says Dr. Wilen-Daugenti, “because it is the best way to create tomorrow’s future today.”

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