Holly Tobin

Holly Tobin

Delivery Consultant: Surgery and Anesthesia

Cerner Corporation

I am an international solution architect for Cerner, a cutting-edge company in the healthcare technology sector (listed on the Top 25 most innovative companies by Forbes), designing electronic medical records to fit the needs of health care systems around the world. I specifically work in the surgery and anesthesia do...


Founder and CEO

Levo League

Content Marketing Manager


Cerner Corporation

Global Solution Architect: Surgery and Anesthesia

Optimize the design, build and workflow of Electronic Surgical records in the Global Markets (Brazil, Chile, London, Mexico, Spain, US) - Facilitate design discussions and weekly calls across various cultures and languages - Lead calls in Spanish with client in Chile, Mexico, and Spain - Present and lead sessions on integration between different clinical workflows - Discuss the financial impact of the design and build choices made by the client - Translate and develop key documents to be used for future Spanish-speaking clients - Design systems to fit the unique workflows of foreign hospitals & governmental requirements, adhering to international regulations - Teach & mentor associates in Spain, Brazil, London, and the US. - Mediate appropriate risk escalations to keep projects on time * Conducted calls in Spanish and English * Presented in Spanish on client site * Worked with translators when need to be to communicate more effectively * Worked on designing a system to fit an foreign health organization. *Consult with hospital management and decision makers on how to best customize the software to fit their needs. *Build a program that meets the unique workflow of each hospital, while conforming to state and federal guidelines. *Successfully implement the software and seamlessly convert hospitals to a new system of documentation.


Woodruff Sweitzer

Public Relations Account Coordinator

I worked with the public relations team in the endeavor to conduct the best business for all clients. * Created and edited media distribution list research * Conducted extensive media outlet and industry research * Routinely edited both my work, and the work of my peers * Developed fact sheets to be distributed with press releases and media kits.


Becker Underwood

Sustainability Communications Intern

Through continuous research into the ever-developing world of sustainability, I was able to stay on top of current trends and construct useful materials that were relevant in the current atmosphere. * Constructed several press releases about our sustainability initiative and successful projects. * Deciphered and researched life cycle assessment data for our products. * Communicated efficient messages about the sustainability program and how to get involved both internally and externally.


Iowa State University

Teaching Assistant-Bulla

Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica


Iowa State University Greek System

Chapter President- Alpha Delta Pi

Iowa State Daily

News Editor and Reporter

Pioneer Hi-bred International

Research Assistantship

Iowa State University

Bachelor of Science, Journalism & Microbiology

University College Cork

NA, Language, Healthcare, Microbiology