Chloe Dupont

Chloe Dupont

Development Manager - Water risks and opportunities


I am a young professional woman passionate about driving growth thanks to sustainable value creation, women empowerment and daily enthusiasm. I have been working in the environmental sector for a few years now and have discovered how the magic of it is underestimated and sometimes even unknown. Working for the global lead...


Director of Local Levo

Levo League

Founder and CEO

Levo League

Chief Financial Officer

Levo League

Chief Leadership Officer


Founder & CEO


Founder & Personal Finance Coach

Finances De•mys•ti•fied


Levo League


Red Antler

Editorial Director

Bloomberg Link


Mayor's Office for International Affairs

Former Editor-In-Chief

Cosmopolitan Magazine

CEO/Founder WomenOne

WomenOne Ltd.

quote " Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood" Marie curie

#1 Resource recovery, circular economy, sustainable growth and shared value creation, #2 Women empowerment and leadership, breaking the glass ceiling, #3 Personal development through emotional intelligence, daily enthusiasm

quote The one I am having now with more decision making power and the resources to drive change
Dream Job


Development Manager - Water Risks & Opportunities


Environmental Strategy Coordinator

Harvard Business School

Online degree Harvard Manage Mentor, Business Management

ParisTech University, Chimie ParisTech

Masters Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Royal Institute of Technology of Stockholm

Chemical Engineering