Caroline Ghosn

Caroline Ghosn

Founder and CEO

Levo League

Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Levo // I care about enabling the ascent of this generation's conscious leaders. Levo democratizes that success and Stanford taught me how.


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Levo League

Financier turned Digital Strategist

Director of Local Levo

Levo League

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Head, Global Women's Initiative


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Director, Communications & Veterans Outreach

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What we do at Levo

We are your career co-pilot. We arm you with the tools to develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs, and stay inspired day in and day out as you grow and develop. We believe you can create a life you're passionate about.

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Why I founded Levo

The mission and vision behind Levo were born from a personal experience. When I graduated from Stanford as the first woman in my family to complete college, I realized I had little context for how to define my purpose and be successful in achieving impact towards that purpose.

quote This is not your practice life. There are no dress rehearsals, and every day is a gift you can only strive to comprehend the generosity of.

Thinking Talents: dominant Innovation Quadrant (Q)

I am a 4Q with a dominant Innovation Q. Focusing is my strongest talent and a defining force in my personality and leadership style. We use TT at Levo as a common language with which to understand and appreciate one another and learn how to best work together.

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Founder & CEO, New York + California

The power of perseverance | These last three years have been the most intense of my life, with the highest dopamine hits and the lowest valleys. They have been a lesson in people, putting one foot in front of another no matter what, and the power of believing in your vision.

McKinsey and Company

Sustainability Resource Productivity (SRP) Fellow, Global

Growing with sustainability in mind | This Fellowship gave me the opportunity to contribute to solving the leading challenges facing our environment and our economy, and took me from the Democratic Republic of Congo (where I worked for several months) to cleantech in Silicon Valley.


McKinsey & Company

Business Analyst, New York

Tighten and toughen | This job was Leadership Bootcamp. It taught be how to disaggregate a problem, intelligibly communicate and execute on solutions, build financial models, and collaborate in a high-stakes environment with teams of brilliant people. I am thankful to have been trained in this environment right out of school.


Saint Maur International School

High School, Japan

Execution to perfection | Going to high school in Japan, in an International Baccalaureate (IB) system, taught me to be rigorous and lean into seeking excellence at every opportunity. This discipline has gone a long way - these are the years of my life when I learned to establish organized work hygiene and rituals around focusing my brain and energy. I fell in love with Tokyo and the meticulous, quality-first values I experienced in Japanese culture.


Lycee International

Middle School, France

Adapt, adapt, adapt | Moving to France from South Carolina was one of the toughest transitions of my life, but it taught me to adapt and learn how to start from scratch. It felt like a failure at the time to go from a rooted, neighborhood-oriented environment in Greenville, South Carolina to a more disciplinarian, individualistic-oriented environment in a completely different language and lose my bearings. Everything ended up being ok and that set a precedent for trusting myself to succeed in collaboration with change from there on out.


Stanford University, California

Bachelor's Degree with Honors, California

If you can dream it, go do it! | The Farm taught me that anything is possible, and that turning towards what makes you tick - whether it inspire or disappoint you - triggers unending motivation. It also taught me to laugh until my belly hurt and stop to smell the roses along the way - I had never experienced the interplay between such high performance and such flexible, go-with-the-flow ethos before this.


Why Warren Buffett gives his team trust and applause

In his Office Hours, I was most struck by Warren's articulation of how he builds and nurtures teams, given his 50+ years of leadership at Berkshire Hathaway and uniquely humble style.

When things are difficult, look up.

THIS VIDEO though. If you have never watched it, please consider it your secret weapon in your darkest hour. I know that the context may seem strange as one from which to seek inspiration, but trust me on this. Oprah, if you ever read this - thank you.


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