Never in the history of America has your mentorship of a young person had more potential benefit.

Read this WSJ article on the CFR report indicating that the country’s “future economic prosperity, global position, and physical” are at risk because of the failures of US schools? We did, and here’s our takeaway: our schools are in the worst state they’ve ever been in.

How’s that a Think (+) Positive? Um, well, think about it: the more in-need of education a young person is, the more impactful you can be just by spending a few minutes of your day interacting with them in a meaningful way. How can you do that? Here are our ideas:

Ask. Ask a young person what they’re doing in school and what they think of it.

  • Tell a young person about a book that changed your life.
  • Tell a very young person about a way that mathematics has helped you.
  • Tell a young woman that she’s probably better at math than she thinks she is.