The life of a female professional rarely stops for long enough to make thoughtful choices about what’s hanging around in the refrigerator back at home during a long work day.

Marissa Lippert, Citysearch’s favorite registered dietitian and cuisinier extraordinaire, balances her time between her star-studded appearances on The Today Show, CNN, Good Morning America Health and Martha Stewart Living Radio. She’s written a great book, The Cheater’s Diet— it guides readers to create an indulgent, healthful balance of food in their daily lives. These days, she is out to build a prepared foods store in the West Village. It’s called Nourish Kitchen + Table and highlights seasonal ingredients and local purveyors.

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If you’re like all of us and only have a few minutes at the end of the day to think about food, here’s Marissa master-list to easy and delicious foods that require 5 ingredients or less.

Make them! Send in photos! We love to see you cook, Levo Leaguers.