Being ladylike.

We all dream about being ladylike– and some of us are lucky (and well-practiced) enough to have whatever “it” factor goes into it. But there’s one thing that almost all ladies look a complete fool while doing: trying to entice condiments from their bottles. Ketchup, honey, mustard– they all just invite the most awkward of shakes, jiggles, “hrrumph!”s, and whatever other un-ladylike gestures physics can muster.

Well, ladies, rejoice: the great scientific minds at MIT are at it again. The same research group that brought us the GPS and the fax machine has created something so mind-blowingly perfect it brings a massive grin to my face just thinking about it. It is big. Really, really big. And it has the potential to revolutionize one of the greatest non-issues of our time.

Imagine a world where you didn’t hold that honey-bear bottle upside for an eternity just to get a little bit of sweetness in your tea. Picture a barbeque without having to convulsively shake your ketchup bottle into mashed-tomato oblivion before it squirts a pea-size amount onto your burger. Or never again having peanut butter stuck on the bottom of your jar that is simply too impossible to extract with a knife alone.

That world will soon be a reality thanks to the Varanasi research group at MIT and their discovery of LiquiGlide, a super-slippery coating. If all containers were coated with LiquiGlide, it would take a simple tilt of the bottle and your condiment of choice would come sprinting out! No more shaking, scraping and waiting (#FirstWorldProblems).

Proof. Watch:

Genius, right?

And while it’s easy to get caught up in how freaking fabulous this discovery is for our own personal happiness, it’s even better because LiquiGlide also has the potential to save up to one million tons of food waste each year. And everyone in the food companies’ supply chain seems to love the idea of this technology, which is made of all FDA-approved food materials.

Doesn’t this feel like Julie Andrews just showed up and told you that you’re actually the Princess of Genovia? Ok, so this is not exactly Princess Diaries, but it’s still pretty stinking cool. All hail MIT!


Maxie McCoy is Levo’s resident ingenue, lady, and non-profitess.