To me, there is nothing worse than being hot, sweaty, and sticky. I would give anything to be inside enjoying air condition or swimming in the ocean. If neither of these items is included in the itinerary, I will probably be unhappy or whiny. Not to mention, I live my summers on the Jersey Shore so these conditions are kind of hard to escape. There are many occurrences that I find myself trapped in sticky climate, but I think I have mastered many ways to beat the heat while still enjoying my summers.

Fun Ways to Stay Cool

1. Never leave the house without ice cold water. I always have about five water bottles in my freezer to use on hot summer days. These ice cold waters become the perfect cooling drink for me while also becoming the freezer packs for my coolers to the beach without taking up valuable space.

2. Dig out your old board games or cards and call up your childhood friends to come over and play. This may sound lame, but my childhood friends and I still love to get together and play the game of LIFE and Rummy 500. It is such a nice time to connect and catch up!

3. Go to the movies. There is no colder place than a movie theater. This is probably the best place to beat the heat and see a new movie of the summer!

4. Volunteer. Giving back is so important for your own well-being and to lend a hand in your local community. Find a place to volunteer (preferably inside) and donate your time to help someone

5. Shop until you drop. Next to the movie theaters, malls are probably the next coldest location. Shopping will take your mind off the hot heat and keep you cool while buying new things!

6. Find the perfect beach or summer bar. There are great bars out there and if you live in a beach town like me, you have access to some pretty cool and different bar scenes. One of our beach bars is on the beach and has its own pools, water mists, and air conditioned spots. It is perfect to have fun in the sun and stay cool.

7. Treat yourself to a cold treat. Anything that is cold and tastes cold will keep you cool on a hot summer days. My favorite cold treats are frozen yogurt, popsicles, iced coffee, or iced tea.

8. Watch a movie inside. There is nothing better than cuddling up on your couch, blast the AC, and watching a classic movie.

9. Read a book. People forget how rewarding reading a book can be. I am trying to at least read one book every month, but it has been very hard with my busy schedule! To stay cool, pick to read your book in a cool location: outside by the pool or on a hammock in the shade.

10. Sleep! Sometimes we work and play too hard that we forget the importance of sleeping. When it is too hot outside for you, and you are cranky, it is probably because you are lacking sleep. Stay home, blast the AC, close the blinds, and nap all day! Rest is important.