The Levo League is launching its in-person community, LocalLEVO, in Seattle today! This is a really exciting opportunity for all professional Seattle-area women because LocalLEVO Seattle will give us all a space to network, connect and, as you’ll learn from the story below, help one another!

“Break-up support group” may not be the first thing that comes to mind when Gen Y women hear about the Levo League. In fact, I’ve been writing for Levo for about a year, and I never fathomed the thought myself until recently.

But let’s face it, relationships are a big part of our lives. So big, in fact, that they affect several different aspects of a working girl’s life. Quite frankly, it can be hard to be ambitious and motivated when you’re going through a rough patch, even if you naturally possess these characteristics.

I recently went through a breakup that left me pretty emotionally beat up (as most breakups do). My emotionally erratic roller-coaster ride was making it very difficult to focus at my job, my life coaching classes and my blog. I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to even start focusing on work again.

Little by little, I started to calm down, and decided to starting putting myself out there again. I found much solace in a lesson that motivational speaker/author Gabrielle Bernstein teaches in many of her lectures and books: make your friendships more romantic. In other words, get out there and make some meaningful and inspiring friendships!

Enter LocalLEVO Miami.

On October 30, 2012, LocalLEVO Miami officially launched with a #netWORKOUT event at Equinox. The night before, I had the pleasure of meeting several of the girls, including co-founder Amanda Pouchot and Community Manager Maxie McCoy, at the Miami Influencer Dinner

The fire, drive and passion that these women have for helping other women is beyond astounding! It was nothing short of electric as I left with a new sense of purpose and community. It was exactly the kind of positive environment I needed in order to get back on track and work toward my goals of coaching, writing and helping young professionals. And I know I’m not the only one that feels this way. A few of the friends I invited also felt like this was exactly what they needed in order to get unstuck from whatever struggles they were experiencing.

How to get through a breakup

So what is it about groups like this that support women who may be going through a rough patch? Here are three:


Women have a natural inclination toward community. When one of us is going through a rough patch we find comfort in being connected with others. We’re also the first ones to offer help whenever we see someone else going through stuff.

LocalLEVO provides the kind of community that many women seek when they need some positivity in their lives.


I have to admit that I sometimes I think I’m crazy whenever I tell people my career goals. Heck, not even the guy I was dating really knew what I was doing with coaching or writing. I was too shy to explain it. This is not a rare occurrence among working women since self-promotion seems to be one of our biggest obstacles. We’re just not comfortable with it.

LocalLEVO provides the kind of support system that empowers women and teaches us to be unapologetic about what we want. They provide a space where women can bring their authenticity to the table.


Passion doesn’t have to come only from romantic partners. In fact, passion comes in many many forms, from your career to your friendships and everything in between. We can find inspiration everywhere and LocalLEVO provides the opportunity to do just that in your own city. Whatever spark I thought I had lost when my relationship ended has been revived by connecting with the incredible women in my own community. I am once again fully inspired to create beautiful work and live my life to the fullest.

LocalLEVO may have helped me survive boyfriend problems, but for other women it may be having an unfulfilling career, needing more positivity in their lives, not being able to find workout buddies, or not knowing where to connect with other ambitious women in their community. Whatever the hang up or obstacle, LocalLEVO has provided me and countless other women with the means and resources to thrive within our own lives.

Have you joined a LocalLEVO community? Tell us about your experience in the comments section!

Photo courtesy of Milk & Honey Media