Anxiety. It seems to be one of those ultimate buzz-kill words, falling in the same category as phrases like “we need to talk” and “close the door.” But even the most together among us can’t escape it. Anxiety is unavoidable.

I can’t deny that I fall into that camp. I’m very laid back, but is anyone 100 percent immune to jittery nerves? I think not. Moderate anxiety at times goes with the territory of finding our way and coming into our careers and lives. Keeping that in mind, I’ve sourced some tried and true tips from friends for getting the nerves to simmer down:


My tips:

A few evenings ago, I threw on my sneakers and left my apartment for an aimless saunter after working myself into a near tizzy. Along the way, I called a couple of friends, walked into shops that looked interesting, and even parked at the Washington Square fountain for people watching. Having nowhere to go, no deadlines, and no agenda allowed me to wander while also letting my thoughts wander. When I started to get tired, I turned back, making a pit stop for some tacos (comfort food!). Going for a walk or run when I’m feeling most uneasy is my sure-fire way to get back on track.

Tips From my Friend in Publishing:

For me, Sunday night is the most angst-ridden time of the week. The weekend is over, and the jaws of Monday are coming in for the bite. I’ve diagnosed it as the “Sunday Scaries.” The antidote? Treating myself to a nice dinner (What are Sundays for if not splurging?), and calling a few of my favorite people who aren’t close by — friends from college, my family. It’s a refreshing boost of love and support. Dessert doesn’t hurt either.

Tips From my Friend in Counseling:

The end of the day is when my anxiety intensifies. Working at a hospital, I always leave work with a pile of things I could be doing. Call me a counselor, but I find it essential when anxiety hits to use a little self-care. If not, I never get the break I so deserve.

Jamming out to my favorite music, dancing around my room, calling a friend, taking a long hot shower, or cooking a slow, calm dinner, I allow myself to take the necessary break. The warm shower has become somewhat of a ritual for me, as if I’m “washing” the day off of my conscious. Oh, and the jam session can happen simultaneously as needed!

Tips From my Friend in Finance:

Obviously, this is something I deal with. A few things I might consider doing when I’m feeling anxious:

  • Retail therapy. It always makes me feel better!
  • Zone out with a good book. Getting lost in literature is a good reminder to put things into perspective. I (and my anxiety!) am no longer the protagonist for a brief moment in time.
  • Focus on a goal I’m working toward to take my mind off my anxiety. For instance, I’m working on decorating my new home right now. Create a Pinterest board of design inspiration. I work in finance, so sometimes I just need to tap the other side of my brain to put myself at ease.

What are your favorites to wind down and banish the pangs of anxiety? Share with us in the comments!

Ask Levo Mentor Dustee Jenkins, VP for Public Relations at Target, how she takes time to relax and her tricks for relieving nervous feelings.