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The concept of actually picking up the phone and calling someone is a foreign concept to many young women. But making a cold call on the actual telephone is the vital step you need to make to jumpstart your career, according to Marcy Twete, the founder and CEO of Career Girl Network, whose mission is to provide women with clear paths to career success.

How to Cold Call Someone

In a recent Office Hours chat, Marcy talked about how women are always being told that getting your foot in the door is the most important thing about networking, but what we actually should be focusing on is getting people to open the door. Calling or emailing someone you have never actually spoken to or even met before is a pretty scary concept for most of us, but Marcy gave some great tips (including a fun and clever acronym) on how to be more confident, plus, she literally put the words in our mouths for when you are trying the cold approach in your career.

Get all of Marcy’s tips on cold-calling, emailing and networking in the video below.

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