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How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

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Did you know the average recruiter spends only 15 seconds on a resume?

It’s important you master strategies to make your resume stand out. The Levo League team is proud to announce the launch of the Levo Resumé, an app that helps you build and share the resume that will get you to the top.
Here are some tips to help your resume be the chosen one:

Tailor your resume
One size does not fit all so it is important to tailor your resume to fit the job you applying to. It is suggested that you have many different versions of your resume to match different companies and positions. After all, each company has certain criteria they are looking for!

Some suggestions include:

  • Reading the job description and identifying key words or skills. Then finding ways to incorporate these words or skills into your resume.
  • Adapting your summary/objective statement to directly align with the position by mentioning both the industry and job title you are interested in.
  • Being selective about which details you include about your experiences. Ask yourself, “How will these details support my application?” 

Use Levo Resumé to build and edit your resume on-the-go. Whether at a networking event or in transit, you can create multiple versions of your resume to highlight the most relevant skills or experiences for the position you are applying to.
Do research
There are tons of career resources out there, so take advantage of them! Do your research before applying to a job and identify key skills or experiences that help an applicant stand out. Reach out to contacts in your social network who may work in the field or even work for the company you are interested in applying to, and ask for their insight on what the company looks for. After gathering this information, be sure update your resume.

Use Levo Resumé to to access useful tips on resume writing, career, and more as you craft your resume.
Be prompt
If you meet a recruiter at an event, it’s important to follow up as soon as possible with your resume. This may mean having a printed version of your resume in hand or sending a follow up email directly after the event—either way, you want the recruiter to remember you and put a face with the resume.

Use the Levo Resumé to share your resume via social sites or email. If you are at a networking event or meet a recruiter, you can send your resume immediately! You can also export it as a PDF at the tap of a button.

Interested in further refining your resume? Download Levo Resumé app for your iPhone here or for your iPad here to build and share the resume that will get you to the top. Android users can use the web version of the Levo Resumé.

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Is the app no longer available? I had to restart my phone and cant find the app anywhere. I need my resume

Samantha Roblin

Samantha Roblin is a career and wellness expert for Gen Y women who seeks to empower women to set and reach extraordinary career and wellness goals. She is the founder of BEES: Be Extraordinary, Early Success, an organization that hosts events, workshops and support groups focused on women empowerment. Samantha graduated from the University of Rochester, followed by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has worked in Communications Consulting for three years and decided it's time to pursue her passion of helping other women achieve extraordinary goals. She loves to challenge herself, as well as others, to reach new heights and be their best selves, now. Check out her website at and follow her on twitter @Samantha_Roblin.